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PALE LIGHTS – Before There Were Pictures (2014)

Pale Lights - Before There Were Pictures

                                    Pale Lights demorou mas finalmente lançou um álbum cheio, e muito bom. São de Nova York USA desde 2011 formado por Phil Sutton (Comet Gain, The Soft City)  e percebe-se um Janglepop na linha de Josef K e Orange Juice, algo entre Postcard e Creation Records. O nome do grupo vêm de uma canção do Felt, outra influência do grupo, e você deveria conhece-los, principalmente pela simplicidade e qualidade de seus integrantes que fazem um ótimo trabalho de forma realmente independente.


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The Soft City disse...

If you would like to help Pale Lights make another record, it would be better if you bought our recordings from our Bandcamp page. No-one asked if they could give our music away for free. We make no money from music, but rely on what we do get from selling our recordings - for as very low price I should add - to make new records. We are not Metallica, but a very small, independent group with a very tight budget. Thank you, Pale Lights.

Marco Stecz disse...

the Pale Lights álbum is on the net,in many places, consider the public domain on the net. Used here to disclose it, and I believe that many knew him. I downloaded, listen, I like and I'm posting. and I want to buy! in Brazil it´s impossible...
I buy only cd or lp. not MP3... informe to me a place where I can buy the cd or lp. or tell me how I can buy direct with you, what's the price and shipping cost and I sending a money to you.
you want me to remove it from the site?
I played 3 tracks on my radio program (average 4.ooo listeners / week) and include a track in normal radio programming ... play all day! Want to stop too?


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