domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

THE SOUND & THE FURY mixtape (August 2011)

01-TINY FIREFLIES – so sad to say goodbye
02-WOLF GANG – midnight dancer
03-GOLD-BEARS – record store
04-MALE BONDING – tame the sun
05-THE SORRY SHOP – about kings and queens I
06-DELAY TREES – uni15
07-LOWLINE – here I lie
08-LEAGUES - magic
09-CUTT OFF YOUR HANDS – by your side
10-BOY AND BEAR – my only one
11-THE FAINT BLUE GALAXIE – the stranger
12-MORDIDA – free connection
13-WIRETREE - tonight
14-LOWLINE – here I lie
15-MEMORYHOUSE – sleep patterns
16-WASHED OUT – eyes be closed
17-SERENADES – come home
18-BART  and FRIENDS – there’s no place i’d rather be
19-BUTCHER BOY – the day our voices broken
20-BOAT BEAM – pollen on the dust

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