sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2016

Best albuns 2015

01-THE TAMBORINES - sea of murmur – ghost at the lighthouse

02-ATTIC FOWLER - city hall - bradford beach

03-TIGERCATS - mysteries –call me if you need me 
04-CHEERLEADER - The Sunshine of Your Youth – on your side

05-DUCKTAILS -St. Catherine – headbanging in the mirror

06-SEXTILE - a thousand hands – vision of you

07- MAMMOTH PENGUINS - hide and seek - When I Was Your Age

08-POSTAL BLUE - love and other affections – bitterness is sweet

09-BEACH HOUSE - depression cherry – space song

10-BRIDESHEAD - never grow up – if I sing for you

11-SPECTRES – dying – where flies sleep

12-THE MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDES / more heat! More panic! Frozen Wasteland (Do It Again)

13-THE FIREWORKS - switch me on – let you know

14-SWEET BABOO – the boombox ballads – go to hang on to you

15-THIRTY POUNDS OF BONE - the taxidermist – ribbons

16-STRANGE WILDS – subjective concepts- disdain

17-THE SPOOK SCHOOL – try to be hopeful – Friday night

18-THE MAUREENS – bang the drum - caroline

19-GROUNDERS – grounders -pull it over me

20-AUTOMAT plusminus –plusminus

21-CLOUD – zen summer – electrical smile

22-TAMARYN – cranekiss – cranekiss

23-BELIEFS – leaper – ghosts

24-SUBURBAN LIVING – suburban living – faded love

25-PURE MORNING -  the broadcasting department of philadelphia – victoria

26-JIM AIRIS – wild birds – false bird

27-THE CITY AND COLOUR – if I should go before you – mizzy c

28-LUSTS – illuminations - temptation

29-THE RECEIVER – all burn – let it dry

30-CHAMPS – vamala – 3.000 miles

31-MENACE BEACH – ratworld – drop outs

32-LIBRARY VOICES - lovish - slacker

33-SUMMER FICTION – himalaya – perfume paper

34-JAILL / brain cream / just a lovely day

35-THE SUN DAYS - album  - don’t need to be then

36-HELEN - the original faces - alison

37-OUTFIT - slowness – on the water on the way

38-BEACH SLANG-The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us-bad arts & weirldo ideas

39-SEAPONY - a vision – saw the light

40-VIET CONG – viet cong - continental shelf

41-THE SOFT HILLS - cle elum – gold leaves

42-NEØV -Dominique - aurora

43-ULTIMATE PAINTING  - Green Lanes – out in the cold

44-THE TREASURES OF MEXICO –Holding Pattern – you’re so special

45-LUNCH – let us have madness openly – not on ocean

46-MARTIN COURTNEY – many moons - foto

47-TWERPS – range anxiety  - new moves

48-THE GRANITE SHORE – once more from the top - fan club newslwtter n.44 

49-STUTTER STEPS – stutter steps - fog

50-THE LAST MORNING SOUDTRACK – promises of pale nights – your tomorrows

 Não necessariamente nessa ordem... segue abaixo o link com as faixas para ouvir, são álbuns bem legais e claro, posso ter esquecido de alguns... mas tá valendo.

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