domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Sound & Fury

01 OUR GANG – dreams (fleetwood mac)
02-ESBEN AND THE WITCH – slow wave
03-EMERALD PARK - bergsgatan
04-DEERHUNTER – the missing
05-PET LIONS – the golden light
06-SAVAGES – she will
07-FLOWED - vomitself
08-PALE SPECTRES – I know we’re special
09-NO JOY – wrack attack
10-OCEAN BLUE – if you don’t know why
11-THE HOUSE OF LOVE – sunshine out of the rain
12-CAVEMEN – never want to know
13-BELIEFS – catch the breath
14-IAN McNABB – my life to live again
15-FIREFRIEND  - komura freak
16-SPECIAL PEOPLE CLUB – how long?
17-SUNDAE – los amantes de mentira
18-JUNIP – line of fire
19-OVERSEAS – lights are gonna fall
20-JACO GARDNER – the one eyed king

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