sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Sound & Fury - Mixtape July 2012

01/IMOF /um silêncio novo na casa
02/THE LIMIÑANAS /salvation
03/THE ROSELINE /young things
04/WILD NOTHING /nocturne
05/EXLOVERS /emily
06/PALE SUNDAYS /happy (when you lived here)
07/GO-KART MOZART /blowin’ in a secular breeze
08/SUAVE AS HELL /tal vez
09/STAGNANT POOLS /consistency
11/ANCHOR & BRAILLE /find me
12/DAYDREAMER /beach blanket
13/THE LAURELS /manic saturday
14/HOLOGRAMS /chasing my mind
15/TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB /sleep alone
16/THE VACCINES /I always knew
17/WORK DRUGS /the art of progress
18/LANDING /heart finds the beat
19/THE JUNE BRIDES /A january moon
20/TASHAKI MIYAKI /something is better than nothing

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NERI DA ROSA disse...

the laurels é MANIMAL!!!!! FUDIDO!!!!! MARAVILHOSO!!!!!

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