quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011


Various Artists "Odd Box Weekender"
01 The Kick Inside - Oh, Vanity! (from ODD001)
02 The Crack Babies - America (from ODD002)
03 Pinkshinyultrablast - Honeybee (from ODD003)
04 The Millipedes - Make Something Happen (from BOX001)
05 Golau Glau - Heartland Half Seizure (from NET001)
06 The Humms - No One Wants To Be Alone on Valentines Day (from ODD004)
07 The Give It Ups - Hey Shaggy (from ODD005)
08 Factory Kids - Not Enough (from NET002)
09 Lovelust - Love (from ODD007)
10 Godsmania - Higher Lower (from NET004)
11 The Wednesday Club - Faulty Orbital Shaker (from BOX002)
12 The Manhattan Love Suicides - Things You''ve Never Done (Acoustic) (from ODD009)
13 The Humms - Strawberry Glue (from BOX004)
14 The Melting Ice Caps - Between Eros and Agape (from NET003)
15 The Smittens - Sapphire (from ODD017)
16 Proto Idiot - When I Fall Asleep (from ODD010)
17 The Monorals - Surf On (from ODD008)

01 The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Only Snow (from ODD011)
02 One Happy Island - Kudzu Girlfriend (from BOX003)
03 Ace Bushy Striptease - It's A Race (from ODD012)
04 Falling and Laughing - Stockholm Archipelago (from 0DD013)
05 The Understudies - A Girl I Used To Knock About With (from ODD019)
06 Hot Booth - Hot Booth (from ODD015)
07 Liars Beware - Death Crash Driver (from ODD018)
08 Baaneex - Weird Dance 2 (from ODD026)
09 Space Age Thrills - Cemetery Row (from NET007)
10 Sarandon - Piglet (from BOX006)
11 Radians - Iran (not yet released)
12 The Humms - The Armodillo Tango (D/L only song from the Singles Club)
13 Ace Bushy Striptease - A Catalogue of Errors Feat. Thameslink (not yet released)
14 Sock Puppets - Can't Wait (from ODD027)
15 Pocketbooks - Sparklers (not yet released)

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