domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Ocean Rain Live at Royal Albert Hall (2008)

2.Villiers terrace
3.Stormy weather
4.Bring on the dancing horses
5.Think I need it too
6.All that jazz
7.The back of love
8.Never stop
9.All my colours
10.Lips like sugar
11.Nothing lasts forever
12.The cutter

14.Noctural me
15.Cristal days
16.The yo-yo man
17.Thorn of crowns
18.The killing moon
19.Seven seas
20.My kingdom
21.Ocean rain

01 Silver
02 Nocturnal me
03 Crystal days
04 The Yo Yo man
05 Thorn of crowns
06 The killing moon
07 Seven seas
08 My kingdom
09 Ocean rain

01 The cutter (alternate version)
02 The back of love (alternate version)
03 Silver (tidal wave)
04 The killing moon (all night version)
05 Never stop (discotheque)
06 People are strange (demo version)
07 Bring on the dancing horses (extended mix)
08 Bedbugs and Ballyhoo (club remix)
09 Lips lke sugar (12 mix)
10 Villiers terrace (acoustic)
11 The killing moon (acoustic)
12 The game (acoustic)
13 Lips like sugar (acoustic)
14 King of kings (acoustic)
15 Nothing last forever (acoustic)

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Marco Stecz disse...

mega post Echo a pedidos... Obrigado (thanks) ao

Marco Stecz disse...

Eu parei com o Echo em "Heaven up here"...Rsss...

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