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TIM BUCKLEY Live at the Folklore Center, NYC: March 6th, 1967


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Marco Stecz disse...

1. Song for Jainie
2. I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain
3. Wings
4. Phantasmagoria in Two
5. Just Please Leave Me
6. Dolphins
7. I Can't See You
8. Troubadour
9. Aren't You the Girl
10. What Do You Do (He Never Saw You)
11. No Man Can Find the War
12. Carnival Song
13. Cripples Cry
14. If the Rain Comes
15. Country Boy
16. I Can't Leave You Loving Me

Axe Victim disse...

Thanks very much.

Marco Stecz disse...

ok... cheers...

amusicalguy disse...

Link no longer works. Please re-upload. I love your blog!!

Tim Burgess - As I Was Now (2018)